How To Change Flow Owner

You can not change the author of the Flow. However, you can add others to flow as co-owners and they will be able to edit the flow. Here is how it can be done by the owner and by admin.

Author of a flow can add others to owners in flow settings: Flow settings page

Once added, co-owners would be able to edit the flow, add other owners, use existing connections and add their own.

Flow administrators can use to manage all flows. Using the admin center they can disable or delete flows, and manage their owners. A list of flows is available at Environments → Resources → Flows. Flow admin center

Admins can select a flow to view its settings. There’s a creator, owners, connections used, and creation and last update dates. Flow admin center settings

Admins cannot view the implementation details of a flow. To view and modify its implementation, admins need to add a person to owners. Flow sharing settings

This allows a co-owner to view a flow, edit its implementation, and modify flow’s connections.

Keep in mind that if a flow’s author account has been disabled, co-owners need to reconfigure flow’s connections for a flow to work.

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