My Goals for Personal Site

Creating a personal site is easy. All you need is to enjoy making it.

I want to share with you the process of creating this site. I will start with my goals and priorities. After that, we’ll look at its implementation.

My Goals for the Site

I’m interested in lots of things, mostly in software design, architecture, and development. This affects the goals and priorities for the site.

Here are my goals for the site:

  1. Writing down thoughts and findings—I want to blog about things I find interesting as a software developer.
  2. Listing projects, resources, snippets, and links—I want to have an organized list of my projects, external projects, useful libraries, and frameworks.
  3. Representing myself—I want to have an up to date profile of my professional skills and interests in case if someone would like me to join their project.
  4. Making it useful for others—information on the site should be useful for visitors.

Requirements for the Site

My goals for the site and interests form requirements for it and a platform that I will select for the site:

  1. Creating a simple blog post should be straightforward—because the main use case for the site would be writing posts, the process of adding new content should be easy.
  2. The platform should be flexible—it should allow experiments with a site. I should be able to customize the whole site or a single page. If I’d want to make the site better or just have fun by using some framework, or by changing layouts, or by calling external API, that should not be a problem.
  3. Technical complexity is not a concern—I’m ready to setup, configure, develop, maintain, you name it.

OK. That should be enough of goals and requirements to start the implementation.
Next step—review options for a platform that can be used for the site.

Options for Personal Site's Platform