Glvrd Add-in for Microsoft Word

Glvrd—Russian-language Text Style Checker is the Microsoft Word add-in that helps to make your texts better. It analyzes a style of a Russian-language text, underlines potential problems, and recommends how to fix them.

This is a small side project that I’ve implemented a while ago.

The add-in works in both desktop Microsoft Word and in the online Office 365 version of Word. It uses API provided by the Glvrd service, which performs the analysis of a text and provides recommendations.

Here’s the demo of the add-in at work:

Implementation Details

The source code for the add-in is available in the glvrd-addin-2 GitHub repository.

The add-in is a web application implemented using Elm and TypeScript.

Thanks to the add-ins model in Microsoft Office, the add-in works in the same way in any version of Word.

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