Showing Calendars on SharePoint Page

Here’s how you can show events in a calendar on SharePoint Online pages using standard functionality. You can use this approach to show month/week/day views for your events.

First of all, we need to create a list for events.

There are two easy ways to do that in SharePoint Online:

  • Create a new list by using the existing events list as a template (there’s the Events list that got created by default in modern communication sites);
  • Create a new custom list, add columns to describe your events, and add a Calendar view to your list.

You will end with something like this example events list: SharePoint calendar standard view

At this stage, you can use all the standard SharePoint features: set up access permissions, define view options, setup recurrent events, configure overlay for calendars.

Now, we want to have a page with an events’ calendar in it. We’re going to use the standard Embed web part for that.

If we’ll specify a link to a calendar page, by default it will include the page header and toolbar: SharePoint calendar embed view

This looks confusing as there will be a duplicate header in the middle of a page.

To fix that we need to add the ?Minimized=true parameter at the end of the embedded page Url. This will force the embedded page to hide the header and minimize the toolbar: SharePoint calendar embed

This way the calendar takes less space and there’s no confusing header.

Finally, you can add other content to a page to provide a context and additional actions for your calendar: SharePoint calendar embed

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