How I Get Text, Images, Illustrations, and Video for Demos

Here’s where I get text, images, illustrations, and videos for demos and prototypes.


I try to write a meaningful text for all demos and I recommend you to do the same. A real text is way better than lorem ipsum.

If your current demo doesn’t require a real text, use a lorem ipsum generator to get some lorem ipsum text. This text is common enough to be recognized as a placeholder and it won’t distract viewers.

Tip: you can use Office 365 Word to generate random content. Type =rand() in a document and it will generate some random content. You can specify the number of paragraphs to generate in brackets: Word random content generation example


For images I use most of the time. This site provides free to use high-quality images. unsplash example

If I want to emphasize that an image is a placeholder, I use images generated by

It is possible to define the size, extension, background color, and text for an image. For example, the url will return the following image: automatically generated placeholder image


For illustrations I use It is similar to but provides a collection of free to use illustrations. undraw example


I use for demo videos. coverr demo

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